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My name is Rebecca. My family and I live in Mukwonago, WI. My Dad and I  have been raising quality ponies since 1997. We also raise  and train some horses.  We have many for sale.  My dad, (Jim) lives In Wisconsin Rapids. That's where all our ponies are born. Our ponies are bred for calm, quiet dispositions. They are very quiet and easy to train. Nice all around ponies that want to be with you.  We only have a select few available as we have discontinued this venture.

 For more information, or questions, contact me at: Information;

Favorite Links  Here are some of my favorite sites. Go to my Favorites page for more!!


Ponies For Sale

Dog Agility

Come and check out  our  ponies for sale. We have a variety of sizes and colors. Sizes range from 10.3 H  on up. We have a variety of mares and One super nice pony stallion. The mix creates confident driving and riding ponies, with wonderful dispositions. These ponies like attention and to be around people. 

Down to our last group of youngsters. Broodmares are available at this time as well. Located in Wis. Rapids.

Jess and Patches are doing Agility.

Jess and Patches first Agility Trial
Jess and Patches Feb. 2010 Run N Fun - 1st Title, CPE- CTL1-R
Jess and Patches Feb 2010 Final run -  Run N Fun

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